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​Hi, I’m Barbara

I mentor salon entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses.


Here’s how I got started.

From the time I was a little girl, I watched my Aunt Juanita in her salon transform clients from looking like they just rolled out of bed with scarves on their heads, to looking like divas when they walked out of her salon.  As a teen, I felt it was my duty to perform makeovers on my sisters, my friends, and anyone else who would allow me to touch their hair and face.

After fiddling around with college courses, that I only took to satisfy my parents, having various jobs, getting married and having kids, I eventually found myself in beauty school.  It was a dream come true.  Just to be in the midst of the salon setting, learning haircutting, hair coloring and all that goes along with it.  After graduating from beauty school, I worked in a popular salon where I soon learned many things about salon management that I could carry on throughout my career, and other things that I was determined not to repeat. 

I opened my own salon in 1990, and with the help of an awesome staff, it was a success.  Unfortunately, after getting a divorce, I moved away from Indiana to Michigan after selling my salon.  Rather than mourn the loss of the salon, I became a supporter of other salons, helping them to grow in sales, training the staff, client retention, and profits. After six years in Michigan, I relocated to Atlanta area and worked as an office manager in a children’s hospital for three years before realizing just how much I missed the salon life.

I worked and managed a corporate salon for ten years before leaving to open my own salon studio.  My time behind the chair was coming to an end because of a back injury, however, my passion for the salon business never left.  It was then that I realized that my thirty odd years in the industry was valuable to young salon entrepreneurs and struggling salon owners.  I launched Beebe Love’s Beauty Solutions, a Salon Consulting and Coaching business to fill the need for continuing salon education to independent salons owners and those who want to become one.  Corporate salons offer continuing education on a regular basis, however, independent salons, many times do not have that luxury.

Beebe Love’s Beauty Solutions offer salon mentorship from conception in the mind to grand opening and beyond.  We offer online education in business building skills, leadership development, and strengthening salon culture, creating breakthrough results.  We assist salon entrepreneurs in operating their businesses from a systematic and financial approach.  We are committed to helping salon owners and new entrepreneurs understand how their beliefs and perceptions about themselves are directly related to the outcome of their business.  We are also deeply committed to keeping independent salons thriving and profitable and embrace the principle of ‘sharing the knowledge.’  Our aim is to improve the beauty industry “one entrepreneur at a time.”


We believe in Integrity and Servant Leadership and it is our hope that the values expressed in those words will resonate with all involved.  Sharing common values is the foundation for building healthy, strong, and lasting relationships.  We look forward to traveling this journey with you!



Leadership. (Mary Kay Training 1/16/2012)


Better to be stressed to success than live in mediocrity

Believe in yourself and you will go far

I am powerful I am confident and I love my life!

Share the vision!

Create the momentum!

Be authentic

Never give up on your dream!

Failure is a gift...as long as you get backup and learn from your failures

Whatever you send into the lives of others will return to You

Powerstart every month

Focus on your vision and not your circumstances

Beebe Love's Beauty Solutions, Salon Consulting & Coaching with Barbara Love

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