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Most business owners start their own business because they dream of providing a space for themselves and other like-minded professionals.  Many of us want to be in charge of our own destinies so we dive in head-first because we believe that we can do a better job than our former bosses.

As a former salon owner, I enrolled in a salon management class very soon after completing beauty school.  I was laser focused on owning my own salon from the start and knew that I wanted to learn as much about salon ownership as I could.  After completing the salon management course, I continued each of the years that I worked in the salon taking leadership courses and attending salon management seminars.  I didn’t know about salon coaching back then, at least it was not the buzz word  it is today.

I later found a mentor, a successful salon owner who embraced my hunger for salon ownership.  She became my advisor and friend and showed me the ropes to swing into salon ownership.  She told me that she was committed to helping me realize my dream of salon ownership.  She was my coach, my mentor, my advisor and my friend.  I never could have succeeded without her help.  I hit the ground running with all that she had taught me, and all that I had learned from my business courses and I put it into action.  She directed me to people who formed a support circle around me and was genuinely interested in my success as an entrepreneur.  My salon business grew and life was sweet.  Today, I would consider her my coach.  Learning from her gave me a heart to pass on the knowledge by  helping other hair stylists become salon owners.

Although I am passionate about the beauty industry, I am also an advocate for women in any business.  If you are in need of an advisor, coach, mentor, or support person in your journey to entrepreneurship, you have come to the right place.  If you are ready for someone to advise, coach, mentor, and be present for your victories, and encouragement when you are challenged, hiring me as a business coach is the right move.  I provide online courses, one-on-one coaching, mentoring and advisor to develop or improve your productivity and performance. 

I provide salon and business education focused on personal growth.  I offer local in-person coaching, virtual coaching, virtual assistance, online courses, and website assistance.  I help you develop your best ideas, overcome your biggest challenges, and help you create the mindset to know that you can live your dream of business ownership.

I help you understand business planning, finances, marketing, hiring and staff training, and more.  I can assist with social media marketing, help you develop your website, teach you about customer service, service recovery and more.

Sign up today for your complimentary 30-minute consultation and get started on your journey to reaching your dream of being a business owner.

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